Award winning photo

I was standing upstairs about to crawl into bed. It was almost past my 7 months pregnant bed time of about 10pm. I got a notification from twitter... that went a little something like this... "‏@VIWeddingRing @erinwallis just won award at @bcweddingawards!! Yay Vancouver Island!" I had entered a few images but was unable to get myself to the awards gala hosted in Vancouver. I thought... "what?" then...."oh. my".. then... "what did I win?" I messaged last years winner of BC Wedding Awards-Best Wedding Group Photograph the talented Michael Wachniak of Vancouver (who also used to work for Princess Cruises and worked along side many of my favourite colleges although we never worked together directly) and our conversation went a little like.....

"9:51pm Erin Wallis Someone just tweeted that I won something??? at the awards??? Did I win something???

9:53pm Michael Wachniak Yes!!!! That group shot was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!"

I won. I had entered a shot that got more attention than any ever has on my facebook page and it won, I won?! WOW. So incredibly excited. Honoured. To be recognized among such talented, dedicated professionals is truly something I will be forever grateful for.

Have a peek at the other winners and finalists. Here at PROFESSIONAL BC WEDDING AWARDS I'm still kinda in shock, that my image is there. Shocked and happy. Grateful. Thank you to Laura from the Wedding Ring from picking up my award for me and brining it back to Vancouver Island. Just full of thanks. ox